How to Advertise Your Siding Leads Repair Business

-If you’re thinking about advertising your business, then it’s important to know how many people are searching for the services that your company provides. You can find a rough estimate of the numbers by using Google AdWords Keyword Tool and typing in keywords related to what you offer as shown below:

Siding Leads Repair Advertising

-Google will show an estimation on how often those words appear and if they have high enough searches per month.

-This tool is also useful because it shows which online channels may be best suited for reaching customers who are looking for these types of products or services based on their geographic location.

-For example, someone in Washington D.C., might not need to advertise as much on TV since they live close to a metro stop or a commuter rail station.

-You can also use Google Trends to get an idea of the popularity and volume for specific keywords over time.

-This helps you see whether someone is searching more in the past couple months, which may indicate that they’re ready to make decisions about hiring a company for this service now.

-If there’s been no search interest recently, it might be worth focusing on other types of advertising right now (or waiting until later).