How does Pay per Leads work for Pressure Washing?

You may be wondering how pay per lead works for pressure washing. The answer is quite simple and straightforward but the concept can seem complicated when you haven’t been exposed to it before, which is why we want to take this time out of our day as a luxury service provider specializing in commercial and residential cleaning services, spot removals, deck & fence treatments and more.

Pay per Leads for Pressure Washing Leads

A business will offer an incentive such as $100 or more upfront cash payment with each customer that responds through your website contact form (or other marketing campaign) who are interested in receiving additional information about their specific situation(s).

Your ads will be shown on pressure washing related websites and blogs. When someone clicks your offer, you pay for the lead that they generated. The more quality traffic (i.e., leads) you send to our network of sites, the less expensive it becomes!

What is my payment structure if I choose Pay Per Lead?

You can set a desired daily budget when signing up with us but we cannot guarantee this as it is based off how much active advertising space is available within the network at any given time – please remember that once you start an ad campaign there are no refunds or credits awarded so make sure to set your limit before starting one!