How does Pay per lead improve Your Business?

This deal is about offering your septic tank leads for a set fee. Customers find all the information they need on your website, and then contact you to make an appointment time with one of our qualified technicians. You set up that initial meeting online at any convenient date and time (24 hours per day), so it’s easy for customers from around the country to get started immediately.

Pay per Leads for Septic System Leads

If you’re looking for new ways to drive more leads into your business this month, consider this offer as part of what we call “lead generation.” With Pay-Per-Leads, there are no contracts or monthly fees—just straightforward pricing based on how many appointments come through each month. It doesn’t matter if those appointments take place right away or at a later date.

The number of appointments can vary from month to month, but because you are paying for the leads, not the actual service process itself, there is no risk on your end!

Furthermore, you can use these leads for any septic services that your company offers, including:

· Septic tank installation

· Sewer line repair or replacement

· Cleaning and pumping of cesspools