House Cleaning Equipment

Every home should have their own cleaning equipment, but many people don’t think about purchasing the right items. The best place to start is by creating a cleaning equipment list. This should consist of a few general cleaning equipment items and then specific cleaning equipment items, depending on where you will be using the items. Here’s a basic house cleaning supplies checklist and scroll down for a printable clean house cleaning equipment list. This list tries to cover basic house cleaning equipment and supplies, but doesn’t cover specialty cleaning equipment that only really be used one specific way or another. Instead, this list focuses more on general house cleaning equipment and supplies that will be useful in a variety of places.

Cleaning Leads

A basic cleaning equipment list consists of a dustpan, mop, bucket, and water dispenser. Any time you have to use your equipment, these are the things you’ll be using to clean up messes. If you’re doing some cleaning in the kitchen, you may want to invest in a can of dish soap or bleach. If you’re cleaning a bedroom, you may want to purchase a damp cloth to wipe up any spilled drinks or other messes before leaving it. If you are cleaning an apartment, you may want to invest in an airbrush sprayer. These can get you into those difficult corners that are hard to reach otherwise. If you need to clean a bathroom, you can buy a small hand held brush or mop for those jobs that require it.

When looking at equipment to use, you may want to take into consideration what size your room needs. There are plenty of different kinds of vacuums that you can purchase or rent from the store. There are also small to large sized dusters that you can purchase and use to sweep up everything in your room. In addition, there are some great small to large sized cleaning kits to help you keep your space neat and clean.