Home Automation System: Repair Leads

The number of service requests for home automation systems is on the rise. For the past few years, as connected devices have become more popular in homes and offices alike, there has been a corresponding increase in service calls to repair these type of products- from televisions to alarm clocks, thermostats and window shades. In fact, if you’re looking for one product that’s most likely to cause your technician to make a house call this year, look no further than your smart TV or home theatre system.

Home Automation System Leads Repair Leads

Not only are consumers starting their own DIY projects with items such as task lights like Philips Hue Smart Bulbs (one bulb provides up to 17 million colors) but they’re also having them installed professionally by electricians who specialize in home automation and remote home control systems.

How does a customer decide where to turn for help with their household items? If you’re unfamiliar with the available options, it may seem like an overwhelming process of contacting different technicians to find out who is best suited. To make this search easier on customers, HVAC repair company American Air Conditioning has created its own database that lists all types of professionals in every area nationwide so consumers can request service online at any time- day or night. This allows them to have peace of mind knowing they’ll be able to find someone whenever they need professional assistance around their house. It also streamlines the process by only asking four basic questions: what type of product needs attention; whether there’s a warranty involved; how difficult the problem is; and whether it’s for a new or existing home.