Heating and Air Average Jobs

A Heating and Air Mechanic or Electrician can easily earn a salary of anywhere up to forty thousand dollars a year depending on seniority. Heating and Air Mechanics and Electricians generally make a salary of Forty-Seven thousand Dollars each year. These average jobs pay good money for those with basic knowledge and experience in the field. There are other heating and air technicians that work more specialized jobs where they make less money, but they have the advantage of being able to choose which type of job they would like to do rather than having to get stuck in a category.
HVAC Leads

Other electrical tradesmen who are not licensed are called electricians. They are often found in the wiring department in stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and other stores where you buy products that will need to be wired. An Electrical Contractor will have more training and licensing to do the job than an Electrical Mechanic. Other types of electricians include Gas Station Mechanics and Electricians that work for Industrial Machinery companies. Some of these people specialize in one of the four major types of Heating and Air: Electricians, Heaters and Air conditioners, and Condominium Heaters and Air conditioners.

An average job like this requires someone with a steady hand and the ability to follow simple instructions and perform multiple tasks. This may not be your main focus, but it is important to complete all of the tasks needed to maintain or repair the heating and air system that you currently have. You can also become an Electrician if you would like to specialize in anything else such as Industrial Mechanical, Carpet Cleaners, Steam Fitter or Steam Refrigerator. Many times you can find jobs that pay well for these kinds of skills.