Handyman Web Marketing

The Handyman website is specifically designed for contractors, carpenters and others who need a basic general information website but the template can work for anybody who wants a more professional looking site for their business. These Squarespace sites are a great, affordable alternative to having your own website. They offer a flexible, user-friendly site, perfect for any home improvement or landscaping business. There are over 7500 pre-designed templates to choose from including many different colors and textures. These Squarespace’s templates are very user friendly, there is no need to worry about programming the layout or coding it yourself. You can easily build it up as it comes to you. Many of the Squarespace templates even come with a hosting plan, just in case your site does not gain much popularity. Handyman Leads

It is also a good idea to get a SquaresSpace template that includes a Contact Us page. This can be used for creating your business Facebook page, website or for simply building a list of contacts. With these templates, you can include pictures, testimonials, a link to your SquaresSpace store and many other things that you may want to put on your website. Using a template like this will make building your website very easy. It also keeps it organized, which is very important when it comes to keeping track of customers and clients.

You can build a customized website with the Handyman Template, just make sure you know how to do it. When you use Squarespace you can customize any of the templates with HTML and create a unique website for you. If you want to customize the design of your website, just download the template and change the CSS so that it fits what you want. You can also add custom backgrounds, images, video and text to your Squarespace website. When you want to customize your website, you can hire a graphic designer to build it for you can create your own design with Squarespace templates.