Great Tips To Advertise Roofing Leads

Advertising for roofers can be done online and offline, but this article will focus mainly on the benefits of advertising your business through Google Adwords. All businesses are not created equal when it comes to marketing budgets and so a lot of these tips may seem like common sense or extremes that you have already tried. The goal is to increase visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) which will lead to increased conversion rates from those who clicked on your site organically.

Advertising for Roofing Leads

The first step is choosing an appropriate keyword phrase related to what services you offer. In order to get better targeting keywords, think about how customers might describe the service they are looking for if they were searching on Google or other web sites with ads adjacent to their search results.

The next step is to create your Google Adwords campaign by checking the “I’m a new customer” box and then selecting what type of industry you are in. There will be other fields that will pop up for you to fill out like how much money you want to spend per day, where your targeted customers are located, etc. It’s important not to have too broad or narrow of an audience because it may lead either way towards irrelevant clicks which won’t convert into leads for potential jobs being done on their homes.

One thing when setting up campaigns can do is set them so they only run during business hours and this method has been shown as one of the most effective ways at getting more conversions from prospects clicking on ads. This is especially important if you are targeting a specific region or city, as it will be more expensive to target people outside of your service area.