Google Ads on Handyman Leads Business

Google Ads for Handyman Leads Business is a new Google Adwords campaign to help handymen get more customers in the cold winter months. Sure it might be tempting to take the winter off, but that would mean no money and time off work with nothing productive done.

Google Ads for Handyman Leads Business

So even though snow has fallen on most of North America this week (#Snowpocalypse), we are still going full steam ahead at our business! We have been getting so many phone calls from potential clients who saw our ads online while they were searching for services or products related to what we offer. And now we’re fielding all these inquiries – which means lots of leads coming in, then converting them into paying clientele by booking appointments over the phone before their interest wanes.

There’s been a lot of talk about this snowstorm, but we don’t have time to worry about it because our new ads are working like a charm! What’s more is that the ads contain all sorts of other information so people can find out how much their service will cost upfront and what materials they’ll need for whatever job they’re hiring us for. It saves them money in the long run and prevents any unpleasant surprises once they get to our office or on-site at your home.