Google Ads for Window Installation Leads Businesses to Find New Customers

Businesses that rely on window installation for their revenue stream are always looking for new customers. If you have a home improvement company, chances are that the number of people who need your services only increases over time. This is an issue because most homeowners don’t do repairs in-house and will choose a professional service instead. The best way to grow this part of your business would be through online advertising: Google Ads (formerly AdWords). Here’s how it works…

Google Ads for Window Installation Leads Business

The first step is to set up an account with Google Adwords and connect it with your existing web hosting provider like Bluehost or one from our list of recommended providers. Next, create a custom landing page – which can be as simple as your company logo with a place to input your contact information. Then, create an ad campaign and choose your target audience (e.g., “Lehigh Valley” or “people who search for ‘window installation'”).

You’ll also need to set up conversion tracking so that you can track how many people actually convert on the offer – meaning they entered their email address in order to download a brochure or request a quote – after clicking through from the Google Ads ad. You can do this by installing special code snippets into specific pages of your site where visitors would enter their emails.