Google Ads, Easy Way to Gain New Customers: Painting Leads Business

Using Google Ads for your painting business can help you gain new customers.

Google Ads for Painting Leads Business

There are many benefits to advertising on Google Ads for your painting company, from low cost of entry and a variety of targeting options to the ability to refine bids as needed. With well-crafted ads that speak directly about what people want with simple language, you’ll find it easier than ever before to attract potential painters who don’t know where they should go next in their search.

With Google Ads, not only will there be more leads for your painting service but those leads will also convert into sales faster because the customer knows exactly what they’re looking forward to at each step along the way. Use these tips below when designing your own campaign:

* Create dynamic ads tailored specifically towards audiences based on their interests, on-page activity and location

* Create ads that speak to your audience with simple words they can understand

* Utilize different ad formats for mobile devices

Google Ads provides a variety of targeting options such as language settings or even demographics. If you’re not the best at advertising online, Google has plenty of helpful tools available including AdWords Editor which allows you to edit campaigns directly in an easy-to-use interface. With this program, it’s possible to include extensions like callouts and sitelinks without any technical knowledge required. Of course, if there are still questions about how these features work (or more importantly why) don’t hesitate to reach out!