Getting More Calls for your Mold Removal Leads Company

The number one thing that a Mold Removal Leads company needs is more calls. Getting those leads to the right people in your office is crucial for getting enough jobs and making it through each month of business operations. If you are struggling with this, use these tips:

How to Get More Calls for your Mold Removal Leads Company

– Have signage at strategic locations where potential customers might be looking for information on mold removal services like grocery stores or nail salons

– Use social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter posts to advertise your helpful service opportunities (or start paying someone else who can do this)

– Host informational events about dangers associated with hidden molds lurking around every day household items (such as water damage). Be sure to provide answers on how they should clean up their home environment and what to do if they don’t feel confident in doing it themselves.

– Attend community events and hand out cards with your contact information on them

– Reach out to the local schools that have leaking roofs or other environmental hazards where kids are sitting for several hours each day

– Become a vendor at conventions attended by people who might be looking for mold removal services such as an auto repair show, home improvement expo, or real estate convention. You can even offer free presentations about how different kinds of molds affect human health and property value over time

This is just a few ways you could get more calls from potential customers (or find new leads). Do some research into which methods work best around your area before investing any money into marketing.