Getting More Calls for your Kitchen Remodelling Leads

So you’re a Kitchen Remodelling Leads company and you want to get more calls. Read on for some tips!

How to Get More Calls for your Kitchen Remodelling Leads Company

– Call your customers at least once a year to see if they have any new projects coming up or recommendations in the industry. It’s also important that these calls are not sales pitches, but rather an open dialogue about their thoughts on current trends in the market and what they would like to do with their home next. You can use this information as ammunition when it comes time for proposals later down the line.

– Offer incentives such as free consults (or something similar) for first responders who purchase from companies offering products within 48 hours of disaster strikes – things like hurricane relief efforts where people need kitchens right away or after a fire.

– Offer incentives for referrals – the company that brings you a lead gets %25 of the project’s price as their payment.

– Host an event at your office and offer free food/drinks to anyone who attends with some time being set aside for networking, meeting people in person, etc. You could also invite other companies in related industries if they are looking to grow their networks too!

These tips should help get more calls coming through from potential kitchen remodelling leads customers!