Generating Leads for Solar Leads

With the increasing need to generate increased revenues, many solar companies are using online lead generation campaigns. This article gives an overview of how these work and what other options exist for generating leads.

Solar Leads Lead Generation

A solar company (or any business) needs to have a website where potential customers can find information about them or their product/service offerings; and one way in which they do this is through paid search campaigns such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads via Microsoft’s platform.

In addition to advertising on search engines, businesses should also advertise on social media sites like Facebook – here you target by location, age group and interests with ads that appear mostly at the top of people’s timelines within Facebook Messenger for example. You can use videos too.

Inbound marketing is a different mode of generating leads, where you create content that people want to consume – for example blog posts or videos on YouTube. You then promote this content through social media and search engines with the aim of driving potential customers towards your website so they can convert into leads there.

There are also other ways in which businesses generate lead such as conferences (e.g., solar events), presentations, word-of-mouth referrals, etc.; but these will be dealt with elsewhere at some point within this series of articles.