Generating Leads for Pest Control

Pest control companies are always looking for new leads to reach out to potential clients. There is no shortage of customers with pests that need treatment, so it’s important for pest control businesses to be able to find and contact them as quickly as possible. This blog post will cover some tips on how you can generate more pest control lead prospects by staying top-of-mind during the buying process:

Lead Generation for Pest Control Leads

* Stay in touch with current clients – Reach out regularly via email and phone call to let your existing customer base know about their upcoming service appointment or seasonal needs (i.e., holiday decorations). If they have pets, offer a discount if they schedule an additional pet visit at the same time or contribute any unused services toward this visit.

* Generate new leads via local businesses – Reach out to local businesses that might have pest problems and offer a free inspection of their facility (i.e., restaurants, schools) in exchange for them referring some of your services to friends or family members who could use the service themselves.

* Use social media channels like Facebook – Have an established presence on all social media platforms available which are relevant to your company’s industry; these include Yelp, Google+, Twitter, etc. Responding promptly with a personal touch will help you stay top-of-mind during any buying process as well as generate more business from those potential clients looking for Pest Control solutions near them!