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12 Free (or Low Cost) Ways to Get Leads For Your Painting Company

If you want to increase the direct exposure to your residence painting business, you must recognize where as well as how to promote it. Right here are some helpful tips to promote such your company.

As you know, a house painting company can provide a nice income for you and your family but promoting the business without breaking the bank is the key.  Without a doubt, there are many other local painting companies competing to find new customers.  Do make sure you promote your business you need to make sure your target market is getting your promotional messages. Advertising and marketing can rake up a substantial expense for a start-up company; however, it is a crucial one. To get the best ROI on your advertising budget you need to be very mindful of the methods you deploy to market yourself.

Where and how you promote yourself matters a lot!   You will have to find efficient promotional platforms that will certainly assist your message connect to your potential customers. Right here are a few methods to advertise a home paint company.

  1. Website

Idea: Enhance your internet site for the search engine making use of the ideal keywords to make sure that it will rank well.

Obtain a well-designed and high converting website to display your painting abilities. You might present the before and after photos of your jobs after getting the client’s consent Encourage past customers to upload pictures of the work you did for them. Give information concerning the quality of your paint, discount rate schemes, rates, etc. If you have customer testimonials, include them to the website. It will certainly support your case that you are the best local painter to your prospects.


  1. Directory sites

Idea: Get your company listed on the major directory sites such as YELP and the BBB.

Check out the choices of listing your company on the internet directory sites like Yahoo regional, Google Maps, and so on. These sites make it easy for your customers to read reviews and explore more about your company.

  1. Network with Other Home Service Providers

Tip: Approach complimentary service providers for paint jobs as they require home painters at various client websites.

Connect with other businesses that regularly work with your perfect prospects. As an example, you can go to realty agents or brokers’ workplaces. These people generally know new home buyers and sellers that require painting work.  Get to know local general contractors and property managers, they can be awesome referral sources.

  1. Automobile

Make your car or work vehicle a moving billboard for your service.

You will certainly need to obtain a truck or van to bring your paint product around. Use your truck as a branding system by setting up your business logo and contact details on it. Wherever your vehicle will go, individuals will see your branding. This is an economical as well as reliable way to market your painting company.

5. Yard Signs

Ask your customers permission to put up a yard sign that tells their neighbors that you just painted the house.  This is an amazing way to really highlight your work, and services as solid social proof of your experience and skill.

Make sure your telephone number is easy to read form the road.

6. Build Your Brand

Leave your business cards at affiliated businesses so your prospective customers learn about your company and brand.  Many restaurants have business card files where local companies can drop off a stack of cards.

7. Social media sites

Update your company Facebook page with pictures of your recent work. You could also create a YouTube channel where you explain different painting techniques and tips.

Promote your business on Facebook Marketing place and local business groups.

8. Posters, Flyers, and Door Hangers

Try to put up posters in areas which are often visited by people that may be seeking a painter. The perfect locations are house renovation outlets, cafés, grocery stores, area centers, equipment stores, etc. Similarly, distribute leaflets, direct mail, and put up door wall mounts in locations where restoration or remodeling work is taking place. You can additionally send it to places with old residences.

9.  Hand out promotional materials that display your brand name

Give your customers and potential customers pens, key tags, and magnets with your company name and number.

10. Discount and Other Plans

Think creatively of ways you can offer discounts or other incentives to potential customers that use your service. Perhaps you could offer a special discount for an upcoming holiday.

Give past customers a discount for using your service again.

11. Special Occasions and Exhibits

Attend local home shows or other events to promote your business.

You can work with a small delay or booth in a trade convention, or an exhibit which manages home renovation, insides, residence repairs, etc. This will certainly assist provide exposure to an optimal variety of possible clients. You can additionally join different trade shows arranged by the chambers of commerce to take advantage of numerous customers.

12. Pay Per Performance Marketing

Tip: None of these methods listed above are sure fire ways to promote your business. They all require small investments of money and time.  Of course, there is no guarantee that the way you are marketing yourself will produce enough new clients into the business.

The only sure bet in terms of marketing is to work with a pay-for-performance marketing company such as Quantum Leads.

We take all the guess work out of your marketing. You get exactly what you NEED in your business—new customers calling to hire your painting company.

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