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There are many factors that are taken into consideration when laying a new floor. Some of these factors include the budget you have to work with, the kind of material you would like to lay the flooring over and if it is waterproof or not. When laying a concrete floor over a plywood base, it can be more expensive than when using a wood base. The wood bases cost less but still cost more for installation than the concrete bases. When laying a floor over a wooden floor base, it can be cheaper to use a plywood surface than a concrete surface.
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Energy: Most basement floors have little insulation benefit, so it will not dramatically change your energy saving. Carpeting however has an R-value of about 1.0, so if laid on top of heavy foam padding it can triple the insulation value to more than 3.0. Hardwood has a higher R-value and can provide you with a higher R-value than carpet. This makes it more cost-effective to go with hardwood flooring in basements and attics. Concrete is more expensive than wood, but it does not have as high of an R-value. If you are looking to save energy and still have room to move around, go with hardwood instead of carpet.

Color: This is perhaps the most important factor when laying a floor. If you want to sell your house in a few years then it might be in your best interest to have it remodeled. A great way to sell your home is by painting it red. Red paint will bring the home up in price and will increase its value over time. It also helps to add curb appeal to the property. However, if your home is in need of a little sprucing up then it may be a good idea to just use red paint and not spend too much money on the project. This will ensure that your house looks its best in the future.