Fencing Advertising

When it comes to advertising and promoting your product or service Fencing is an essential tool for success. It gives you an opportunity to create a fence around your business in order to protect your products and services from potential customers. There are many different types of fences you can use. Depending on what you want to do with your fence will determine what type of fence you should make.

Fencing Leads

Geofencing is used for mobile phones that have a mapping function and a camera that can be programmed to take pictures of a specific area. This allows people to see what the boundaries of your business is before they enter it. Geofences can also be programmed to send text messages to customers alerting them that the boundary has been broken or that they should evacuate the area immediately. You can also program your fence to post a message on your website, which will alert interested parties as soon as people approach your fence. Geofences can also be programmed to post advertisements at different times of the day and even when there is heavy traffic in an area.

Bluetooth is another type of fence used by customers with mobile phones. With this type of fence you can program it to send alerts to customers when they enter an area, when they leave an area, or when certain items or features of the phone become inactive. With most wireless phones these days you can even program the phone to trigger the alarm. For instance, if you have a business in a shopping center, you could show mobile phone users an advertisement going on in the mall through Bluetooth. This type of fence is not only beneficial because of the many benefits it has for businesses and consumers but also for the company itself. There are many benefits that come along with having a fence that can be programmed with features that help protect both you and your customers from harm.