Fastest Way to Attract More Customers for your Managed IT Services Leads

It is necessary for a company in the IT services industry to have new customers. In order to do so, you need an effective marketing strategy that will help grow your business and increase its profitability. The right way of doing this is by implementing lead generation methods into your business model and following up on them until they turn into clients. This article will focus on how you can generate more leads for your managed IT services through content marketing strategies, specifically blogging as well as social media channels such as Facebook advertising or Google AdWords campaigns.

How to Attract More Customers for Your Managed IT Services Leads Business

The power of content-related marketing lies primarily with search engine optimization (SEO), which has become one of the most popular forms of online promotion over recent years due to its effectiveness at generating high volumes of targeted traffic.


Thanks to social media, the blogosphere has seen a resurgence of sorts in recent years as companies have begun adopting blogs as their main form of marketing and content distribution. Blogs are essentially just online journals that you can post new or old content on regularly – ideally at least once per week, but some blogs publish daily updates too! The most popular blogging platform is WordPress with over 60 million active users worldwide who use it for both personal and business purposes alike. As far as its usefulness goes, there’s no denying that one defining feature which separates a good blog from an ordinary site is SEO optimization; this means optimizing your posts by adding relevant keywords throughout each article so they rank higher when consumers search for your topic on a search engine.

Facebook Advertising or Google AdWords-

One thing to keep in mind when using content marketing for lead generation is that you can utilize more than just blogging as mentioned before; other channels include Facebook advertising and Google AdWords campaigns. With both, the goal is to generate enough traffic so that it will come back to your site which has been optimized with keywords relevant to potential customers who are looking for services like yours. It’s important not only how many people click through but also what percentage of them actually convert into leads by signing up for an email newsletter (also known as “opt-in”).