Facebook Ads: House Cleaning Leads Businesses

Facebook Ads for House Cleaning Leads Business Model: when a business is looking to grow its customer base, it can be difficult. One strategy that many businesses are using in the modern market is Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads for House Cleaning Leads Business

These targeted advertisements allow companies to reach new customers with their message and gain valuable information about those they are trying to reach. In this post we will take an in depth look at how one house cleaning company has been able to successfully use Facebook advertising as a key component of their growth plan over the last few years.

Businesses typically have two options when promoting themselves on Facebook; either target individuals by geographical location or upload specific pages from your website which visitors can ‘Like’ if interested in what you offer- so if you like the page or not, Facebook will show your ad to one of its nearly two billion users.

Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses- in fact, it’s currently the most popular social media site on earth with approximately 18% of monthly active users. For a company that offers cleaning services locally and doesn’t have an international presence, this would be the best option because they are able to target customers by geographical location which can then create brand awareness through targeted ads as well as gain valuable information about who their potential customer base may be.