Facebook Ads for Window Installation Leads Businesses

Facebook Ads for Window Installation Leads Businesses that are trying to find new customers for their business should consider using Facebook Ads. The platform gives advertisers the opportunity to target people based on where they live, what they like and who their friends are.

Benefits of Hiring a Lead Generation Company for Your Window Installation Leads Business

*Window installation companies can use this information so that people in a specific area will see their ads and know of window replacement services available in the area.*

When someone clicks on an ad it takes them directly to your company’s website or landing page. This way you don’t have to spend extra money sending flyers out into the world hoping for sales leads.*You can even make customer-specific offers for discounts or coupons depending on what time of year it is etc*.

The best part about Facebook Ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that if you spend $100 and they clicked to find out more about window replacement services, then you would only have spent $0.01 per lead!

*It can be a great way for local businesses to increase their customer base without spending too much money.*

-Bret Davis is the marketing manager at WindowsR US Inc., an established company in Window Installation Leads with many years of experience under its belt. Bret was instrumental in designing our business’ Facebook Advertising campaign which has helped us reach thousands of people each day who are interested in home improvements or just looking for something new to do with their lives! It’s very important as a small business owner not to waste time and resources when you’re trying to grow your company.

-An example of how Facebook Ads helped us was earlier this year, we started running a promotion for our Learn More page which allowed people to get half off their first window installation!*We were able to see over 500 new customers in the span of just one week.*

This increased traffic has been great because it’s usually hard during the winter months when fewer clients are looking at home improvement projects.*Facebook Ads is really helping us out.*