Facebook Ads for Landscaping Leads Business: Step by Step

The first thing you need to do is have a clear goal for your business. Do you want more leads, customers or investment? Or do you just want people talking about your company on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter? Once that’s established, it becomes easier to figure out which type of ad should be used from the many different ones available.

Facebook Ads for Landscaping Leads Business

For example, if someone wants increased customer traffic but also wants followers on their pages then they may choose an ‘audience network’ campaign with one of two objectives: ‘Conversions,’or ‘Page Likes.’ The latter objective usually costs less in terms of advertising dollars because when someone clicks through this type of advertisement they are taken directly into the page where they can subscribe to the business’s updates or become a fan of the page.

The next step is to set up an advertisement account on Facebook (or other social media sites). You will need your company name, address and phone number in order for this to happen. Once that’s all entered you can import contacts from email accounts, excel worksheets or simply upload them through Facebook itself. There are three options here: adding customers who have bought something from your website but not yet paid; people who’ve already interacted with you in some way online such as liking one of your posts; or finally anyone at random who has shown interest in topics related to landscaping needs – think gardening tips and articles about lawn care which lead readers back to a specific site.

The next step is to decide which ad type you want. There are many different types of ads under the ‘audience network’ banner, such as a carousel or slideshow that shows up on your profile page and can link back to a product in an e-commerce site; another version will show up when people search for gardening related terms online.