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Excavation is a very important aspect of any construction project. The method used to excavate involves several methods and tools to transport soil, sand, and other materials to form a usable hole. Most construction companies employ several types of excavation tools in their construction work. The most commonly used are skid machines, wheel loaders, backhoes, and earth movers. These are often accompanied by a large bulldozer which can also be used for excavation purposes.

Excavation Leads

Before the excavator entered the construction site, the work crew would first prepare the site by clearing away any loose dirt that might cause danger to the workers. They would then start the excavation with a large machine called a backhoe which would carry out the excavation work. The excavation crew would start excavating the desired path by dragging the backhoe. This was done in small sections so that they would have to repeat the process at regular intervals until the desired area of excavation had been completed. In addition to the backhoes, excavation machines were also used to dig into the ground.

After the excavation work has been completed, the construction company would need to clear the space needed for the new building or a foundation. Once this is done, they will build their buildings. One thing to remember is that excavation and digging should never be done by hand. This is because excavation and digging can easily injure workers. They should wear appropriate work gear that should not be too heavy for them to handle.