Excavation Equipment

Excavation is a very important process in the construction industry. Excavations are performed by either large machines or humans. In general, excavation is the reduction of large masses of materials into smaller ones using large vehicles and at a set deadline. It is easier to identify the specific equipment used in excavation rather than to identify the term itself. Excavations may be done by mechanical excavation equipment, chemical extraction, fluid extraction, mechanical excavator, or even manually operated digging machinery. Each of these different types has their own specific purposes and advantages.

Excavation Leads

Mechanical excavation equipment is basically an excavator that is powered by the wheels of the machine. It generally has a hydraulic system in order to provide hydraulic power to the digger. The most common mechanical excavator is the jack-type. These excavators have wheels that do not roll. It consists of a box with a circular base and a large drum at the top. The drum is equipped with a chain and the jack which are placed on top of the drum.

Chemical excavation equipment is one of the most common types of excavating machines today. Chemical excavation equipment uses a special system to break up materials into small particles. The most popular type of chemical excavation equipment is the mechanical excavator. This is mainly used to extract chemicals. The mechanical excavator consists of a bucket mounted on the front with a chain that pulls it back to the ground. The bucket is equipped with a sprayer that dispenses the chemical mixture to the ground. The mechanical excavator is also known as the boom excavator.