Electrician Leads Repair Advertising : To get Electrician Leads

Electrician Leads are not easy to come by. This is especially true in times of economic decline, when customers have less discretionary income. But it’s important that you continue to offer competitive prices because customers will be more apt to buy from a company that is willing to provide them with quality electrician services at affordable prices. In this article we’ll discuss ways you can generate strong sales leads using your existing customer base.

Electrician Leads Repair Advertising

One way to generate high quality electrical service leads is to offer discounts and warranties on all your repairs. Some electrical companies offer a “no work if it’s new” guarantee which means they won’t cover any repairs for up to a year. You can set this as the standard policy on all of your repairs so customers will automatically turn to you if you have this warranty. The same goes if you have special offers such as a “flat rate” or a volume discount. Customers are much more likely to hire you if you can guarantee their electrical repairs will be without any additional costs.

Another way to gain some electrician customers is to advertise special “first time” deals on certain electrical services. It is common for electrical companies to offer special rates for first-time customers who sign up for a limited time period. Offering a low price for a limited time window is a great way to attract new clients. Some of these “limited time” rates may also include parts and labor, which can make them very attractive deals.

A very effective way of attracting customers to your electrician business is offering to give away complimentary services. Most people love to get free things, so it will be easy for your customers to pick up your telephone. You can use the freebies to entice potential electrical customers, but you need to ensure that you give them something of real value. For example, you can give away an estimate on your repairs; this could be an estimate of how much it would cost to fix the issue or a list of services you will provide to the customer upon receipt of their electrician’s contact information.

Many potential customers will also be interested in a “free” estimate. Many people like receiving free estimates. You can easily earn some extra money by offering an estimate on a minor electrical issue. You can even make some serious money by giving an estimate on a larger job. Your electrician leads can be targeted based on the price of the work, the area of the work will be done in, or a combination of all three.

The last, but certainly not the least, method to generate electrician leads is through a referral system. Referrals can come from a variety of places, including friends and family. If someone recommends your services to a friend, you will have a chance of gaining their electrician leads. Your best bet for generating electrician leads, though, is to purchase bulk electrical service leads. These are generated from potential customers who have used your company before and are willing to share their experiences with others.