Carpet Cleaning Leads Generation For Carpet Cleaning Services

Lead generation in the carpet cleaning industry has been around for a very long time. It is estimated that a high percentage of residential and commercial carpets have some amount of lead in them. This is because lead solder was commonly used for soldered seams on the back of carpets. The glue that the solder used had a very low melting point, which allowed the solder to be easily drawn on to the carpet.

Lead Generation for Carpet Cleaning Leads

As a result of this, carpet cleaning leads were filled with lead as a revenue generating sales gimmick. Any time that you have a carpet cleaning service that sells lead for a fee, there is a very good chance that they are also getting paid in some way to generate that revenue. However, this process has recently come to an end. The US government has decided to phase out this revenue stream. They have decided that it is not healthy for our environment and that it is not a cost effective solution for carpet cleaning either. In addition, they have found over time that it was not worth the money that it cost the industry to use it.

With this decision, the carpet cleaning industry will now need to focus their efforts on other methods of generating new leads. The only option that they have left is to use lead pipes. Lead pipes were once used as plumbing. Lead poisoning was a major problem in the United States, so much so that laws were passed to protect the public from lead exposure. Lead pipes were also widely used in industrial facilities, but because of its adverse health effects, this was also done away with. Unfortunately, even today, there are still a few older buildings that contain lead pipes.

Today, the process that has been moved to use lead pipes as a source of new leads is actually much more effective than it was years ago. Years ago, if someone in your home had blood poisoning, that individual would be tracked to the closest hospital in order to receive treatment. However, since blood poisoning can occur at any age, it is very hard to track an individual down if they have lead poisoning. However, a lead generation company can help you find individuals, whether they live in your home or not.

A lead generation company specializes in finding individuals that have high levels of lead in their bodies. They will test your home for levels of lead based on the amount of dirt inside of your home as well as samples taken from your soil. From these samples, a mathematical formula is calculated to determine the amount of lead that may be present in your home. The testing process will also reveal if you have any contaminated soil in your yard. After testing and determining the lead level in your home and yard, a contractor will be assigned to help you clean up the contaminated areas.

Because carpet cleaning is such an important task, you don’t want to take chances by hiring someone who isn’t experienced. If a contractor is not licensed or certified, they should not be allowed to do work around your home. It is important that they have certification and are licensed through the proper authorities. Without this kind of accreditation, you run the risk of your contractor performing work that could put your family’s health at risk. By hiring a lead generation company to perform all of the carpet cleaning in your home, you will be able to rest easy knowing your family is safe.