Bing Ads Over Google AdWords

Why Choose Bing Ads Over Google AdWords?

Microsoft Advertising is an online service which provides pay per click marketing on both Bing and Google search engines. Since June 2020, Bing Adverts has surpassed Google AdWords in the U.S. At present, Bing Adverts has 33 percent market share in the U.S. That’s quite a remarkable growth for an online marketing service, let alone a search engine marketing service.

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While Google AdWords has been known to offer a variety of options for the advertisers to choose from, Bing Adverts comes with a few unique options which make it stand out from other pay per click services. First, it gives the advertisers a wide range of keyword-related ads. This is a good advantage for the advertiser as he can choose from a wide range of keywords to make sure he is reaching out to the right audience. This is also a good option to help the advertiser get more traffic to his website.


Another unique feature of Bing Ads is its campaign management system. In other pay per click marketing services like Google AdWords, the advertisers can simply place ads on their site and let Google AdWords does the rest for them. But in Bing Ads, the advertiser has to be a member of the Bing Ads community to be able to manage his advertisements.


Since Google AdWords does not give the advertiser the control over the advertisements, it becomes a bit difficult to manage the campaigns and see results. This is one of the reasons why most advertisers prefer Bing Adverts. They believe that once they join the community, they will be able to manage their advertising campaigns themselves. That is true to a certain extent, but in terms of pay per click marketing services, Bing still ranks higher than the other Google AdWords competitors.


The third reason why advertisers prefer to use Bing Ads over the other pay per click marketing services is that it gives them more opportunities to earn money. Although there are a lot of other ways to earn money, most people want to focus their efforts on generating targeted traffic to their websites. That is why the majority of them tend to try and get more targeted traffic by placing a high-ranking ad on the search engines like Bing. to get more exposure and thereby earning more money.


Google AdWords has a similar concept for the advertisers, but it is just not as good as Bing AdWords. In fact, Google AdWords has a limited range of keywords that are allowed in its advertisements. However, with Bing Ads, you get to use thousands of keywords in your advertisement to reach more people and thus increasing the number of targeted traffic.


When it comes to cost-per-click, Google AdWords costs more than Bing AdWords. That’s because Google AdWords has to pay a fee each time it places an ad. With Bing AdWords you pay only if the person clicks on your advertisement.


There is no doubt that the decision to go with Bing over Google AdWords will be a big financial choice for the advertisers. They say that it’s because the former is better than the latter. There’s no denying the fact that the former provides the advertisers with a wider range of keywords to choose from, as compared to the latter’s limited selection.


Another good thing about Bing Ads over Google AdWords is that it is very easy to set up the campaign. You just have to follow the steps given in the website. This makes the process really easy, especially for the people who do not have much technical knowledge on the web. You can also use the auto-ad tool, which automates most of the work for you.


As mentioned above, Bing AdWords does have a limit to the number of keywords that you can use for your advertisement. But you can easily go beyond the limit using the automatic ad tool. This is a great advantage over the others.


One thing you should keep in mind when considering the choice between the two is that Bing AdWords offers a good quality service, at an affordable price. You can find many online businesses that are willing to partner with you, if you choose Bing Ads instead of Google AdWords. Some of them may even offer you a percentage of the ad revenues, while others may charge you for every click that you make. So, it all depends on your needs and budget.