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Auto glass is the covering over a windshield. It is usually made from laminated glass with either a frosted or clear coating. It can also be made of a combination of glass and aluminum, which are the most durable glass. The most common material used for auto glass is glass. Other materials include polycarbonate and glass fiber. The type of glass used will determine the cost of the auto glass. Most auto glass is not installed in a car but instead placed over the windshield after it has been installed.

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Auto glass has two different sides, front and back. Side windows are either raised or lowered and raised by using a lever or switch, or by pushing a button or switch on the dashboard. Front windows are fixed with a latch. The type of window tint you use is determined by what type of weather you drive in. If you live in a warm or dry place then you should use a sunblock tint, while those living in a dry area need to use a frosted window tint. When driving in a windy area such as an ocean or the desert, you should use windshield wipers to help keep your car from getting damaged by hail and snow. Windshields also protect your car from being damaged by small rocks that might get stuck in it.

There are several types of auto glass, some made from crystal, some made from clear and some made of carbon. All glass is made of glass and none is made from any other material. The only exception is tinted glass, which is made from a glass with a different coating. Auto glass must be replaced every five years because of deterioration. The manufacturer recommends that you change your auto glass every ten years. If your car breaks down on the road and needs repairs then the vehicle can be towed to a local body shop and you can have it repaired there if necessary.