Asphalt Small Business

Concrete is the best type of pavement available for any commercial or industrial project and asphalt is the most common on the market. However, there are some differences between concrete and asphalt as it pertains to maintenance. For example, if the concrete is subjected to constant exposure to water, it may warp and crack over time. This can be a big issue especially in areas where a lot of rain occurs. While the crack might not be noticeable at first, over time, they can become very noticeable. Asphalt, on the other hand, can be maintained relatively easily once it has been applied and is made of durable and non-reactive ingredients.

Asphalt Leads

Concrete repair is a complete service asphalt contractor owned and operated by Miguel Lopez Jr, Brother and Eduardo Lopez, Brother and Senior Vice President. They are trained by the best in the industry and offer the highest quality at very affordable prices. They are certified and insured and have a variety of tools and equipment to ensure that the job goes smoothly. Their tools include a mix truck, pressure equipment, and an asphalt mixing truck with a bucket, mixing hopper, and a roller. The tools must be used carefully so that no damage will occur to the equipment or the asphalt. This is not a job to take lightly. It should be done by qualified professionals who know what they are doing.

Many professional asphalt contractors also use specialized equipment such as concrete mixers. Once the concrete has been poured, they use specialized equipment to make sure that the concrete is completely mixed and ready to use. They also use an asphalt sealer and protect the asphalt from water and sunlight. They are insured to give the customer total satisfaction and peace of mind.