Advertising Masonry Leads Repair

Masonry leads the repair industry in advertising. Every day, we see a plethora of websites vying for our attention with banners that are reminiscent of President Reagan’s famous declaration “Government isn’t the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” All these ads share one common theme: mortar is bad and needs replacement by other more expensive materials that will last longer or require less maintenance over time. And when it comes to those messages, they aren’t wrong!

Masonry Leads Repair Advertising

The reality is that brick masonries have different life expectancies depending on construction methods and quality at installation which make them less than perfect as infrastructural building components such as load-bearing walls or foundations (unless you want to spend your retirement fixing cracks in your foundation).

However, the brick masonry industry is a proud and honorable one. Our craftsmen are the best of their trade because they take pride in what they do. We put our name on every job we complete to show that we stand behind what we build for you with accountability. And when it comes to repair work, there’s no comparison between us and any other material out there! Let’s look at why: Masonry Company Repair Costs Less than Other Building Materials

-Masonry will never change color or lose its original appearance over time like wood due to varying sunlight exposures or changes in humidity levels -Brick repairs can be completed without permits unlike many replacement materials (check with your local building authorities) -Brick masonry will always look like brick and can be repaired in a way that disappears into the original brickwork

-Masons are trained to repair any type of damage, including: broken bricks, loose mortar joints, cracking plaster or paint which means you don’t need to tear out the entire wall when it has just one small problem.