Advertising Home Security Leads: Better Customer Loyalty

A CNet article published in September of 2016 reviewed a study done by the University of Texas and found that advertising for home security leads to better customer loyalty. With more than 70% of people looking at their smartphones within 15 minutes, marketers can use this information to reach consumers with mobile ads or location-based messages.

Advertising for Home Security Leads

With an increase in burglaries in rural areas over the last few years, homeowners would be wise to explore protection options like ADT’s monitoring service so they are alerted when someone is on their property and will have peace of mind knowing help has been sent if something does happen.

The benefits include: being able to control your system remotely through an app on your phone; having round-the-clock access to security professionals; and, being able to manage everything from your phone.

For homeowners living in a rural area with an increased number of burglaries, ADT’s monitoring service may be the answer they are looking for. With remote control capability through mobile devices as well as round-the-clock access to security personnel on site if something does happen, this option could give peace of mind that help will be sent when needed. This is just one example of how advertising can lead to better customer loyalty by reaching consumers where they live – literally!