Advertising for Managed IT Services Leads to High Value Clients

If you are a company that provides managed IT services (or wants to start), there is much more than just running an online ad campaign and waiting for the phone or inboxes to ring off the hook, but it doesn’t need to be difficult either! Here’s some advice on what works well when advertising your managed IT business:

Advertising for Managed IT Services Leads

– Use ROI as Your Metric For Success – The most important metric in any type of marketing is Return On Investment or ROI. If no one responds, then you have zero success – period. Make sure that every dollar spent brings back at least $20 worth of work from qualified prospects before investing another dime into it.

– Focus On Creating Short, Concise And Conversational Ads – This is where most marketers go wrong. They make their ads long and wordy because they think that people want to read about what the company does for hours on end. But really all you need are a few sentences or bullet points at the max of two paragraphs in order to get your point across succinctly without being overly promotional/sales-y

– Run Local Advertising Campaigns In Your Area With A Funny Twist – You should always run local advertising campaigns, especially if you have an office location (though this can work with virtual offices as well). People respond better when it seems like there’s some sort of personal connection. Try running a campaign with something funny in it to get people’s attention – you’ll be surprised how many phone calls and emails your company gets!

– Build Your Own Website And Have A Blog That Is Engaging To Read – This one is really important. You can have the best advertising campaign in the world, but if your website sucks or it doesn’t seem interesting enough for anyone to bother reading, then no one will ever find out about what you do. It should include testimonials from happy customers and not just be a few generic sentences of copy with an image on top that gives nothing away

– Create Multiple Channels Of Advertising With Different Types Of Content On Each Channel – Don’t limit yourself to just Facebook ads (though these are still great) or Google AdWords. You should be investing in other channels such as TV ads, radio spots and even billboards. Remember: don’t put all your eggs into one basket!