A Great way to Know Pay per Leads: Home Automation System Leads

Pay Per Lead is a great way to make money online. This is not like pay per click where you only get billed every time someone clicks on your advertisement. The pay per lead program gives you pay when people perform a certain action after seeing your ad. If you are an affiliate, then you can choose the pay per lead program that is right for your business. There are many lead companies that offer Pay per Lead programs. Some of them are called primary pay-per-lead companies and others are known as residual pay-per-lead companies.

Pay per Leads for Home Automation System Leads

If you want to get paid when someone fills out a form or clicks on an affiliate link, then the primary pay per lead program is right for you. The way it works with this type of company is that they will sell leads to your business at $0.20-$0.40 each and will continue selling them until there are no more available leads left in their inventory pool. Once they have sold all of their available stocks, which usually happens after a week, then they send these leads over to your email address so that you can follow up with those people as needed through email or phone call campaigns.

The residual pay-per-lead companies work differently than the primary ones because here you only need one sale from every hundred leads that you have purchased. The way this company deals with the leads is by only selling one hundred of them at a time and then they send those leads to your email address when there are no more left in their inventory pool.

The best part about these lead companies is that not every lead will convert into a customer, which means if someone fills out an online form or clicks on your affiliate link but does not purchase anything from the website, then it still counts as conversion for you because you get paid just for having sent them over to the site in order to fill out that information form or clicking on that affiliate link.