A Great Way to Generate New Business, Lead Generation for Painting Leads

Painting leads are a great way to generate new business. Your painting company may have an established portfolio of happy customers, but as they find other painters in their area you will start to see your customer base shrink.

Lead Generation for Painting Leads

To avoid this problem, it’s important not only to focus on your marketing efforts but also try and get more leads through lead generation campaigns. Here are some tips for attracting quality prospects:

-Create lookbook pages that showcase the work you do with clear before and after pictures (don’t be afraid to make them high resolution) or create example projects from past clients so potential customers can better visualize what needs done in their home/business

-Make sure there is information about when people should expect things like getting the quote, when they can expect to get their deposit back at the end of job, if you work with credit cards or cash

-Add your number on every page in a place that is easy for people to find.

-Send out email newsletters and make sure you’re following up with anyone who has subscribed so they don’t forget about your business. You may also want to consider sending out occasional postcards – this will increase awareness without adding more emails into someone’s inbox

-The top prospects for painting are homeowners. Consider offering services like Home Warranty Plans

-Consider lead generation ideas such as Facebook Ads (this may be expensive but it could bring in new customers) or Google Adwords campaigns targeted towards painters looking to hire people

-If you have a website, it’s important to make sure that people can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. The homepage should showcase the different services your company does – this will be helpful if someone is simply researching or in need of information about their home/business

-Use phrases like “painting contractor” vs “house painter”. This may not seem significant but painting contractors are often more expensive because all areas of the house get painted (ceilings/walls) whereas a house painter only paints walls. Painting contractors typically work on larger projects than just one room at a time so there could potentially be an increase cost for hiring them

Again, don’t forget about lead generation!