Exclusive Leads

We’re hyper competitive, but not interested in competing against ourselves. We only work with one client per niche, per city.  The telephone calls we generate are forwarded directly to your business.  All you have to do is close the sale on this red-hot lead.

Complete Transparency

Every call we generate is recorded.  This ensures you are not charged for crank calls, but it also helps you train your staff. Every week, we will forward you a report with the recorded calls. You can be confident in our call quality!

Guaranteed Results

Our market research indicates that every Monday-Friday we can send your business multiple phone calls.  You can expect, that some days we will send you more, but if for some reason we send you less you will be refunded the difference.  You won’t be charged for the extra calls, but will be refunded if we miss our goal.  That’s more then fair, right?

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